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    Early Morning Rituals

    April 24, 2017
    “It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.” Aristotle

    First, a little disclaimer. I thought of being a bit poetic about my early morning rituals and routine, but I don’t want to mislead you guys. By no means does early morning here mean I’m up with the sun. As romantic as I would like it to sound, I have to be real. Some days this is possible. Some days not. And that’s ok. Living slow in a fast-paced world is like swimming upstream. It’s a process. Also, I understand that it may not be for everyone. Still, I want to share a little bit about returning to early morning rituals. And maybe, just maybe, get you excited to try it out too.

    Surely, I don’t want to make things complicated, tedious and unattainable. The goal here is to cultivate mindfulness and simple. I want to be gracious with myself and with you by curbing my expectations about mornings. I think most of the time our expectations play a big role in hindering simplicity in our lives. We’re an overachieving society no doubt about it. Competition drives profit. It’s only natural that we’d want bigger, better, stronger and faster. But who decides what those things are? Why must progress look a certain way? Indeed, any small action that we sow today can grow into something immensely beautiful later on. In its own time. So I’m determined to make the first minutes or hour of my day a time to sow tiny seeds of intention and purpose that bloom into mindful, simple living.

    Our longings, cravings, and desires are all subjectable. They need not dominate us. They can change. Investing my time in the morning allows me to get priorities straight, set the course of my day even my life and take back control. I’m able to put cravings in check. To simply be more aware of them and choose which ones to listen to and which to silence. Self-awareness is strengthened. Simplicity embraced. Clarity achieved. Little moments of refreshment become the cornerstone of a slow and meaningful life. It’s about discipline but a healthy discipline. It’s not merely about getting things done. But about getting the right things done at the right time.

    My early mornings have been instrumental in setting the rhythms and moods of my days. I believe that it’s the best form of self-care. Since becoming a mom, I’ve realized how valuable a little alone time is. But, I want more than a simple distraction from the chaos or a moment to just clear my head. I want to be intentional about the time I set aside and create a foundation for all that I do. To be purposeful with my time, my goals, and my thoughts. Richard Whately once said, “Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.”  And it’s so true. Beginning the day in a whirlwind only leads to a destructive tornado later on.

    So will you join me in setting aside some time and commit to making the most of your day by investing in your mornings? Let’s do it together. 🙂


    I’m starting a hashtag on Instagram for this called #OLNearlymornings. I’d love to see pictures of your early morning rituals. Don’t follow me on Instagram? You can find me here.

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