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June 2016


Change of Heart, Change of Mind

For the past year we’ve been on this journey of paring down and living simple. The changes have not been radical.  It’s been gradual, but profound.  Our minds, hearts and habits have shifted. As well as our relationship with the world around us. Since our awakening (if…

June 29, 2016

What Running Has Taught Me About Life

Life’s a marathon not a sprint, right?! You know that feeling you get to wake up and exercise just as the sun is about to rise? Never had it (LOL). No, but seriously, since I was young I’ve always liked sports. I can’t explain…

June 22, 2016

Taking The Plunge

Yes, yes, I did! There’s something oddly fascinating and liberating about putting thought to paper. I’ve always loved writing and dreamed of one day being able to share my thoughts with others. Now, I know I’m late in the game, but this feels like…

June 9, 2016