Change of Heart, Change of Mind: Kitchen

July 8, 2016

Today, we’ll peruse through the kitchen as we continue on the road to plastic freedom.

Before we begin, I’d just like to say that, our goal here is not legalistically enforce the zero-waste lifestyle. Because that’s exactly what it is; a lifestyle. Thus, it’s something that is done everyday. An exercise, you could say. It’s definitely not a quick-fix thing. It takes time, effort and most of all consciousness. The goal is to share our experience to inspire others, not oppress. Having said that, thanks for stopping by!

Well… now that that is out of the way. Let’s get started. I’ve found the kitchen to be the place where we’ve made the most progress. Well, the kitchen and our shopping habits. So there’s hope people! You don’t have to go out and buy a whole mess of new stuff to go plastic-free. That defeats our purpose of recycling, reusing and reducing waste. Take a look around your kitchen. See what you can reuse and what you need to toss.

With that said, here are the plastic-free solutions we’ve found and have put to good use in our own kitchen.

– Goodbye plastic wrap, hello reusable wrap: These beauties are amazing. They are made of hemp cloth and dipped in beeswax. The result is nothing short of wonderful. They mold to anything, in any size. The brand we’re currently using is Abeego, but there’s this darling DIY version, courtesy of Mommypotamus (LOVE her).  Simple, but oh so effective.

Food wrapped in reusable wrap

– Glass, glass everywhere: One of the first changes we made right after Bekah was born was switching every single plastic storage item we had to either glass or stainless steel. I’d say all of the food storage in the kitchen is plastic-free. Including our water filter. After much research, we discovered the Bichotan activated charcoal water filter from Japan. We are VERY happy with it. No more plastic water filter pitcher. Definitely, a win!

Water pitcher with binchotan charcoal filter


Homemade foods in glass storage

– Do It Yourself:  I know what you’re thinking: “Are you crazy?!” But, no need to roll your eyes at me. I know how hard everyone works. Time is precious. But, hear me out on this one. Cooking your own food, packing your lunch when on the go, making DIY cleaners and personal care stuff is the best ways to minimize waste. There’s definitely labor involved (sometimes intense labor), but it’s a labor of love. And in the end, not only will you minimize waste, you’ll save a pretty penny, too!

Cold brew coffee


Making hazelnut milk


Homemade chocolate chip granola

Other small solutions we’ve embraced are:

– Goodbye microwave (more on that in the future)

– Wooden and stainless steel kitchen utensils

– Wooden and bamboo cutting boards – found here






Just arrived at our blog? Check out the first post of our series.

Until next time…

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