Earth Day Really is Every day

April 21, 2017
Simple, uncomplicated ways we can celebrate Earth Day every day. Because I firmly believe that small, simple, consistent change makes a HUGE impact. Especially when talking about our planet.

Tomorrow is a day I’ve personally come to appreciate deeply. It’s Earth Day! It never held any special meaning to me until recently. As I pursue simplicity, I find that nature is one of my biggest teachers. Today, I cannot NOT stop and pay attention and listen to it. Learn from it. Be enveloped by it. That’s why when I stop to think about what is happening to our planet, it hurts!

No holiday is to be considered only on its appointed day. It is so with Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, heck! even Valentine’s day. These dates are merely reminders of the values, principles, and beliefs we uphold each and every day throughout our time here on earth (or at least we ought to).

Gardening at the New York Botanical Garden with little ones

But when I think of what tomorrow means in light of all that is being said about our planet these days, I can’t help but think that the solution is not as simple as recycling or swapping out glass for plastic. If it were simply substituting one thing for another, we would all be on the bandwagon. But what does an Earth Day celebration entail?

I “chew” on this and I come to realize that there isn’t just one solution. That perhaps it’s because there isn’t only ONE problem. There are many variables to be considered. We are over-producing, over-consuming, and creating more waste than EVER before. We live unsustainable lives, unfortunately, and our planet has been footing that bill. But it can’t for much longer.

So this Earth Day, let’s come together not only to make our homes greener but to really consider the heart of the matter. Let’s reconsider our consumption and our habits that contribute to the massive amount of waste that is produced daily. Let’s make our celebration about reducing our waste and becoming conscious consumers. Mindfulness and intention are for every area of our lives. What we put in our bodies, our minds, and most definitely, our environment.

Here are some ideas of simple, everyday ideas that celebrate Earth and reduces our negative impact on it:

B.Y.O.B. – Bring Your Own Bag:  Be it to the supermarket or your favorite clothing store.  This is a pretty easy, hassle-free way to eliminate plastic waste.  Any good, sturdy, reusable bag will do. Here’s one we use regularly on our supermarket trips.

– Goodbye plastic wrap, hello reusable wrap: These beauties are amazing. They are made of hemp cloth and dipped in beeswax. The result is nothing short of wonderful. They mold to anything, in any size. The brand we’re currently using is Abeego, but there’s this darling DIY version, courtesy of Mommypotamus (LOVE her).

Use reusable water bottles and straws: Whether you’re having coffee (hot or cold), water, tea, etc., bringing your own bottle will allow you to keep waste at, you’ve guessed it, ZERO. Here at the links to a couple of options for you: Klean Kanteen, Thermos coffee tumbler, my fave the Ecojarz lid for mason jars, and Copco reusable cup. For stainless steel straws, check this out right here.

Pack you own: Lunch, that is. I know, this requires some effort in the kitchen, but not to worry. Follow me on Pinterest (link here) and get some great ideas for lunch. And, by the way, look how cute this lunch box is. If you need to go bigger this 3-tier Bento box. is for you.

– Go Outside: The best way to appreciate our planet is to spend time with it. Either tomorrow or whenever possible, head out to your local park, go for a hike or head to a botanical garden. There’s a shift, almost like magic that occurs when we spend time with nature. There’s a sense of awe and beauty that indescribable. Try it! You won’t be disappointed.


I’d love to know how you’re celebrating Earth day, every day. Please tell me in the comments. And… Happy Earth Day!

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