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Pursuing Simplicity: Erica Lee

So excited to introduce you to Erica Lee from the blog The Hygge Wife. Today she’ll be sharing her journey in pursuing simplicity, how she discovered “hygge” – the Danish word associated with togetherness and coziness and how it changed her life. Please, grab a…

May 9, 2017
Life Series

Pursuing Simplicity: April Best

In my search to connect to other women who seek to live slow in this hurried world and savor the simple, little things that make everyday life extraordinary, I came across April Best.  Her blog Still Small Moments is a quiet, reflective space that…

April 6, 2017
Life Series

Pursuing Simplicity – An Ongoing Series

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.- African proverb I’ve been thinking now, for a while, of the true meaning of simplicity. In my longing for simple, I’ve realized that simplicity has many different facets.…

April 4, 2017
Home Series

Living Minimally: 5 Simple Ways to Declutter Your Life

As I washed dishes earlier, I kept thinking about the beginning. I remembered all of the emotions, questions, and thoughts that popped into my head when the first few items began to leave our home. Everything had been culminating up to this moment. We…

February 28, 2017